Welcome to Rancho Nipomo DANA Adobe


The mission of the Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos is to restore and preserve the historic Dana Adobe and promote development of the Rancho Nipomo Heritage Park as a means of enhancing knowledge and understanding of California’s Rancho era, to encourage an appreciation of the many peoples who contributed to that era’s influence on the present and future of California, and to demonstrate the interdependent nature of the site’s ecosystems and human economies over time.


New Event

DANA Accepting Interpetive Plan Proposals

DANA is currently accepting proposals for an Interpretive Plan.  Interested and qualified parties may contact Aaron Regez at aaron@danaadobe.org to receive an RFP and additional information.  Proposals are due by 4:30pm Dec. 19th.

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New Archaeology Exhibit


DANA is now hosting a new exhibit highlighting artifacts found during the restoration of the house in addition to artifacts found under the floor in room 9/the dining room. The exhibit shares these stories as well as the Tallow Vat restoration story in photos and video. The exhibit allows for a better understanding of the abundant archaeological research completed on site and the vast cultural artifacts found in and around

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