Flockings are now closed for the season.

Thank you and we look forward to next year!

DANA Adobe & Cultural Center You’ve Been Flocked Fundraiser

 This November, DANA will be hosting a turkey flocking fundraiser. Here’s how it works: You pay us to deliver a set amount of turkeys to a friend’s house. The Turkeys will roost on their lawn for 1 to 3 days, then they will mysteriously migrate to another family’s lawn. One turkey in the flock will have an order form attached so the ‘flocked’ house has the opportunity to pay it forward.

If you would like to order a flock of turkeys, please do the following: Complete the below order form and return it, with payment, to the DANA. Please make checks payable to DANA. Thank you for your sense of humor and support of the DANA! Questions? Please email


$25 donation-I want to flock a friend.

$25 donation – a turkey wrangler will remove the flock (I got flocked this is my donation to remove the flock from my lawn)

$35 donation – a turkey wrangler will remove the flock from your lawn  and relocate the flock to a friend of your choice.

$45 donation – Flocking Insurance will protect your home from future flocking.

Note: Turkeys are not allowed to flock on public property or apartment complexes.

1. There are 10 turkeys per flock.

2. They are 11″x 8″ 

3. Yes you may pick your date

4. Depending on how busy we are with our flocking, the turkey may stay up to 3 days or may be there for a shorter amount of time so that we can get around to everyone in the short amount of time we have for the fundraiser.

5. If you are unable to donate at this time, contact our team of flocking experts to remove the birds at no cost. If not, we will pick up the flock in 3 days.

6. Only available to from Orcutt to San Luis Obispo

Questions? Call us at (805)929-5679 or email