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What is Tinsel Trail?

Sponsorships for 2019 Tinsel Trail

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What is Tinsel Trail?

Tinsel Trail is an array of Christmas trees will decorate the Dana Adobe Property for the holiday season. Intended to promote community, each tree is sponsored by a local corporation, group, or family, and can be decorated by its sponsor or another organization designated by the sponsor.

Tinsel Trail trees are on display for six weeks and is a wonderful opportunity to promote your business or organization and celebrate the holidays in a creative fun way.

  ​How can I participate?

Sponsoring a tree is a great way to market your business, boost employee morale, and just be creative. Visit the Sponsor a Spruce page for details about our sponsorship program.

Sponsor a Tinsel Trail tree for $300.   Included with this sponsorship you will receive one 7-8-foot live Christmas tree, electricity, and a sponsorship sign featuring your business or organization.

Sponsor an Anchor tree for $500.  Tinsel Trail will feature a limited number of Anchor Trees.  These trees will be 10-12 feet in height and placed in prime locations throughout the trail.  Electricity and sponsorship sign are included.

Donating your tree

No time to decorate?  Donate your tree to a local school or nonprofit! Your business will be listed as the sponsor on the signage and the school or nonprofit will be listed as a decorator.

We will keep a list of nonprofits and schools who express interest in decorating a tree.  Sponsors can choose their own cause, choose from the list kept by TOP, or we can assign a decorator for your tree.

If your organization would like to be considered as a non­profit decorator please submit our nonprofit inquiry form to get on the waiting list for a sponsored tree. These trees are subject to availability, but we’ll do our best to accommodate all requests.

Nonprofit Inquiry Form: https://forms.gle/yatDmZ4iGWDEkXqV6

Where is Tinsel Trail located?

Tinsel Trail is located along the front of the Dana Adobe Cultural Center.

When does Tinsel Trail open and how long does it last?

Tinsel Trail will be officially open December 1st. and lasts until January 6th.

What are the hours of Tinsel Trail?

Tinsel Trail is lit from dusk till 9pm weekdays, 10pm weekends but can still be enjoyed during the day.

Do I have to pay to walk the trail?

No, it is free to walk the Trail!

Who decorates the trees?

Local businesses, organizations, and individual sponsors decorate the trees. Each tree is furnished with electricity and signage listing the sponsor and decorator.

If I want to donate my tree does the Tinsel Trail committee pick an organization for me or do I need to provide one?

Both!  We will keep a list of organizations, local schools or nonprofits, who are interested in decorating a tree. The sponsor can choose from the list OR we can choose for you OR you may contact a group of your choosing and register them as the decorator for your tree.

Who takes care of the trees while they are on display?

Dana Adobe’s staff and volunteers tend to the trees daily.  It is recommended that sponsors check on their trees periodically and perform any maintenance as needed.

Guidelines for decorating your tree

  • Dana Adobe in collaboration with Holloways will provide each sponsor/decorator with one live Christmas tree, signage listing the sponsor/decorator, and electricity.
  • Standard trees measure between 7-8 feet in height; Anchor trees measure between 10-12 feet in height.  Because we offer live spruces, we cannot guarantee the width or shape of every tree.
  • Security is provided.
  • When you arrive to decorate your tree, you must check in with a representative.  At check-in, your lights and extension cord must be approved.  You will receive your sponsorship sign and then be able to select your tree.
  • Decorators must provide their own decorations and lighting.
  • Ladders will not be provided.
  • Edible items used to decorate are prohibited including but not limited to candy canes, popcorn, and birdseed.  They attract wildlife and compromise the safety of the environment.
  • It can get windy on the Trail!  Please secure all decorations to your tree using pipe cleaners, small zip ties, or other string/ties. Ornament hooks can be used if the ends are secured.
  • Tinsel Trail is a family friendly display.  Please, no offensive or inappropriate decor.  We reserve the right to remove offensive displays. ​
  • Decorators must provide one 10 foot outdoor-rated extension cord. Please label your cord with the name of your business/organization.  Any additional extension cords must also be outdoor-rated. Surge bars are not allowed and will be confiscated.
  • Use LED Outdoor lights only.  We reserve the right to remove any lights that are not LED.  We recommend using 4-5 strings of LED outdoor lights per tree.  Lights should be strung with the male end of the plug coming from the bottom of the tree.
  • Drilling into the fence is NOT allowed.

2019 Decorating Dates & Times

*Dates & times are subject to change.  Any changes will be announced via social media and email.

Set-up Dates

Sunday, December 1  |  10:00-3:00 PM

Monday, December 2 | 10:00-5:00 PM

Tuesday, December  3 | 10:00-5:00 PM

Wednesday, December 4 | 10:00-5:00 PM

Take Down

January 6-8  |  11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Sign Up Here: https://forms.gle/ik8txM1r6Vm3mhWN8

DANA Adobe Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization and all funds raised cover the costs to execute this project. Your sponsorship will support future exhibitions, events, buildings, as well as support our various educational programs in 2020.