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Sunday Speaker Series: WWII Guns

Come hear Emery Knotts tell the stories of California’s use of muskets, rifles, and pistols used from the mid 19th Century to WWII on Sunday, September 15th at 2 PM at the Dana Adobe Cultural Center. The talk is $5 per person and free for DANA members and children.

Talk Synopsis: When one thinks of California during the days of the Old West, one often imagines blazing gunfights between the Pioneers, Natives, lawmen and various outlaws and bandidos of the time with their great assortment six-shooters, lever actions and buffalo guns. However, little of that would have occurred if not for the soldiers, and the guns they carried, who fought the armed conflicts that California found itself embroiled, from the Alvarado Revolt of 1836 to Second World War, in which the Dana Adobe and Rancho would be involved in from hosting the Frémont Expedition during the Mexican-American War to having several sons of the family fighting in WWII.

The small arms that of the various conflicts were brought into California from the larger neighbors who wanted a say in this land’s future, from the troubled Mexican Republic, the colonial powers of Great Britain and France to the ever-encroaching power of the United States. Eventually, California would become a state of the Union and would contribute its resources and manpower to the growth and conflicts which the Unites States would fight in to become a Superpower by 1945.

About the Speaker: Emery Knotts, a local historical arms aficionado, will contribute his knowledge of the great variety of muskets, rifles, and pistols used by the various armies who fought over California in the mid-19th century unto WWII.