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Sunday Speaker Series: WWII Guns

Come hear Emery Knotts tell the stories of California’s use of muskets, rifles, and pistols used from the mid 19th Century to WWII on Sunday, September 15th at 2 PM at the Dana Adobe Cultural Center. The talk is $5 per person and free for DANA members and children.

Talk Synopsis: When one thinks of California during the days of the Old West, one often imagines blazing gunfights between the Pioneers, Natives, lawmen and various outlaws and bandidos of the time with their great assortment six-shooters, lever actions and buffalo guns. However, little of that would have occurred if not for the soldiers, and the guns they carried, who fought the armed conflicts that California found itself embroiled, from the Alvarado Revolt of 1836 to Second World War, in which the Dana Adobe and Rancho would be involved in from hosting the Frémont Expedition during the Mexican-American War to having several sons of the family fighting in WWII.

The small arms that of the various conflicts were brought into California from the larger neighbors who wanted a say in this land’s future, from the troubled Mexican Republic, the colonial powers of Great Britain and France to the ever-encroaching power of the United States. Eventually, California would become a state of the Union and would contribute its resources and manpower to the growth and conflicts which the Unites States would fight in to become a Superpower by 1945.

About the Speaker: Emery Knotts, a local historical arms aficionado, will contribute his knowledge of the great variety of muskets, rifles, and pistols used by the various armies who fought over California in the mid-19th century unto WWII.

Veterans Remembrance World War II Exhibit

From August  11 , 2019, through November  11 , 2019, the Dana Adobe Cultural Center will be showcasing “Veterans Remembrance World War II” Exhibit. Featuring the paintings by renowned local watercolor artist, Milford Zornes, who was a Nipomo resident and official artist for the US Military during WWII.

This exhibit will also feature Millard Sheets who was an artist-correspondent for Life and the United States Army Air Forces in India and Burma during World War II.

The exhibit will also include various WWII Memorabilia including uniforms, weapons, equipment, and  a WWII era Jeeep. Also on display will be the  Nipomo Honor Roll. The Nipomo Honor Roll was a sign that hung in the Nipomo post office listing all the residents of Nipomo who had served in WWII. Our exhibit team has spent countless hours researching all the  people listed on the Honor Roll and have compiled information on many of them. This  exhibit is one you don’t want to miss!

The exhibit will be open to the public daily from 11 AM to 3 PM at the Dana Adobe Cultural Center in Nipomo. Admission is $5 per person.

For more information, call (805) 929-5679.

The work of Millford Zornes is made possible by the generosity of Maria and Hal Baker, Milford’s daughter, and son-in-law, and curated by Shirley Horacek  with help from the DANA exhibit committee.

Sunday Speaker Series: The Delegates of 1849

Come hear author Laura Emerson tell the story of California’s forty-eight “founding fathers” on Sunday, August 25th at 2 PM at the Dana Adobe Cultural Center. The talk is $5 per person and free for DANA members and children. Copies of the book, “The Delegates of 1849” will be available for purchase, before they are available in stores, and Laura will be signing copies at the end of her presentation.

 Talk Synopsis: Captain Dana made the acquaintance of a young man in 1849 who would become a lodger in his home, and later marry his daughter, Maria Josefa. His name was Henry Amos Tefft and he had just arrived in San Luis Obispo, having abandoned his plans to become a gold miner when he saw the beautiful Port of San Luis. Captain Dana was likely responsible for Henry being elected San Luis Obispo’s delegate to California’s first Constitutional Convention that benefited from the young lawyer’s education and oratorical skill. Laura Emerson, author of The Delegates of 1849: Life Stories of the Originators of California’s Reputation as a Bold and Independent State, will inform and entertain us with more details from Henry’s life and the forty-seven other men she refers to as California’s “founding fathers.” Do the names Dominquez, Larkin, Ord, Halleck, Sutter, Hastings, Pico, de la Guerra, and Vallejo sound familiar? How far back do you think California was first recognized as a bold and independent state? The 1960s? The 1940s? The 1920s? California’s reputation as a bold and independent state began in 1849-out of self-preservation.

About the Author: Laura Emerson studied creative writing at UNC-Chapel Hill. She writes short stories, and her human interest articles have been published in national magazines. This is her 1st nonfiction book.

Sunday Speaker Series: William Dana in Asia

William Goodwin Dana had plans for his Rancho enterprise that went beyond cattle ranching. He was an entrepreneur, ready for business. How did he acquire these skills as a businessman? It is the contention of this presentation that it came from his experiences in Asia, working for his uncle and engaged in trade dealings in his stays at Canton, China, and Calcutta, India. He not only acquired knowledge of trade as a young man, but his exposure to cultures and peoples far different than the milieu he left behind in New England brought him personal growth and the adaptability he needed in his newly adopted home of Alta California.

Why was he chosen to go to Asia? What did he see there? Whom did he encounter there? What was his life like in Asia? Board member and docent, Alan Daurio, will talk about this transformation from William G. Dana to Don Guillermo Dana, Don of Rancho Nipomo, on Sunday, July 28th at 2 PM at the Dana Adobe Cultural Center in Nipomo. The talk is $5 per person and free for DANA members and children.

The Story of the Dana Adobe (Narrated by Virginia Madsen)

The Dana Adobe is the oldest home in San Luis Obispo County and a registered historical site. This video follows the beginnings of the Adobe from its inception over 200 years ago by Captain William Dana to present day. Explore the rich history of this California landmark, as narrated by actress and producer Virginia Madsen.