Hiking Trails

DANA’s trail system spans just over one mile. The Heritage trail follows the path of the historic El Camino Real; meeting up with the Railroad trail before looping back to the adobe house. The Railroad trail follows the path of the historic Pacific Coast Railway that spanned from Port San Luis to Los Olivos. You will walk along the flattened area the narrow gaged railroad once stood. The south end of the Railroad trail connects to the Bird trail that runs along the Nipomo Creek. You will see many birds of all different types on our property; the tree cover on this trail provides a better opportunity to see birds in their habitat.


 Know before you go

The DANA trail system has a diverse terrain and can pose risks to hikers. The trail runs along historical features of the property on a rare, undeveloped areas of the original DANA land with poison oak, thistles and other vegetation that can cause discomfort. There can be wildlife in the vicinity of the trail, as well as rattlesnakes and ticks.