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Field Trips


Connecting children with their own local heritage and ecology through education and hands-on immersion into Rancho living is the focus of our experiential learning programs.

School Field Trips:

We provide field trips for over 1,500 students a year. Popular programs book quickly, so make your reservations today. We offer three Docent-Led Education Programs available for 3rd, 4th & 5th-grade classes.

IMG_0587.1The Cultural Program is a half-day program that provides a hands-on learning immersion into Rancho living in Early California History.  The half-day program consists of four rotating stations composed of the teachers choice of the following: a tour of the adobe, dancing, sketching, branding, tortilla making, brick making, vaquero roping or washing/clothing station.

IMG_0649.1Nature Program participants learn to identify and discover the ecological environments at the Dana Adobe on our Nature Walk at four different learning stations: The Captain’s tree, the meadow, the oak tree, and the bird circle.

School field trip tours are available for 3rd, 4th & 5th-grade classrooms on the Central Coast. All school tours are aligned with California Common Core State Standards. Field trips book quickly on a first come basis. Book your tour early.

Some of the Learning Stations  for the Cultural Field Trip are described below.

  1. Tour of the Adobe – Learn how the Dana Family lived over 150 years ago by touring the house they lived in. Learn the function of the many rooms and how they differ to modern homes.
  2. Dancing – Learn some Mexican folk dances that the Dana children may have danced at a Fiesta at Rancho Nipomo.
  3. Sketch Captain Dana’s Tree – Learn about the native California Sycamore tree and the life it supports. Also, learn about other trees and plants that grow on the rancho: native, naturalized, and invasive.
  4. Branding – Learn what the brands were used for and how to read them. Design your own brand and participate in a round-up.
  5. Tortilla-Making – Learn about the foods the Dana Family ate and how they cooked their food. Learn how to make tortillas.
  6. Brick-Making – Learn about the basic building material of the Early California homes and help make adobe bricks (UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FALL 2019).
  7. Vaquero Station – Learn the role vaqueros played during the Rancho Era. Practice roping while riding a wine-barrel pony.
  8. Washing Station – Learn how the Dana Family washed clothes without electricity.
3rd Grade Chumash Curriculum Field Trip

1. Material Culture

2. Village Life

3. Food and Plant

4. Games and Sports

Schedule your visit:
  1. All school programs are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. A  Field Trip Program Application reservation form is required (found under Forms below).
  3. Please see the calendar tab below for available field trip days (the day will be marked with “OPEN Field Trip Day” if a school name is listed the day has already been booked)

*Gift Store is now available for the students to shop, once the field trip is over. Please just let one of the docents know when you arrive if you would like the store to be opened.

**Rain postpones all field trips

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Field Trips are available Thursday and Friday, October – November & March – June.